2020 Sooke Art Show

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2020 Sooke Art show’s exhibition artist Joe Godin.

What I’ve created for you.. a 2D rendering, an oil painting on stretched canvas. Of Art Model Paola Gastmeier.

The Renaissance Woman

With this work I used a modified Flemish layered approach. A technique that was practiced approximately 300 years ago. A note of interest this work “The Renaissance Woman”, took approximately 46 hours to complete over approximately 6 weeks.

Following this paragraph examples of some of the different stages/layers (7 in all) to completion. It’s important to note this is a dry on dry technique. Where each layer must dry before it’s can be continued to the next.

If you have any questions about this work or the technique.. please do email artist!

2019 shows: Seattle US/Sooke Ca/London ENG

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