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Featured Work: Lost Boys (1975), A Study of Renaissance Art

Works by Canadian Artist Joe Godin

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An Artist Painter of portraits and figurative works. With 50+ years of experience and traveled stories.

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By the age of 14, I was already excepted in three Colleges. Later invitations withdrawn, as I did not meet Provincial or State age requirements.

Age 15 winner of a provincial award “Best in Show” adult division. Later declined, as I did not meet the minimum age requirement.

Age 16, I was invited to instruct as an artist by local recreation council to teach evening adult art classes. Followed by school district’s invite to instruct as a guest artist, subject: painting and creativity. When a congratulations was passed onto my high school, the art teacher failed me??

What I’m trying to say.. failure and disappointment is part of becoming an artist. As society establishes social norms. If your intention is to become an Artist be prepared for an ocean of judgment. Work hard it’s not a means to a road of wealth. It’s a romantic lifestyle at best. Always brace for the next wave. Allow yourself to never give up and hopeful there’s a little sun for you when the clouds clear.

Yes I have a lifetime of little stories like these. However it also comes with it’s steps forward:

Invite to international show in Spain.

A Commission from a “World Bank” (an a list) formed President.

I was presented as an International Featured Artist in Seattle USA.

My works have been displayed in shows in London Eng.

So yes, I encourage you to check out my portfolio and gallery. Hopefully you will find something that appeals and encourages you.

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Victoria , British Columbia

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