Commission (part 2 of 3)

How this Works

To start I paint from your non professional clear photos be that a selfie or perhaps employing a friend, partner or spouse. Of course if you need assistance on the pose, we can always chat and I can help you along the way.

What’s it all Costs?

The common sizes!

  • 11x14in
  • 12x16in
  • 14x18in
  • 16x20in
  • 20x24in

As you can imagine the price depends on the price of materials and the time per square in of painting. An example will follow.

You contact me, confirming your a legal adult. What you would like and your budget. Simple so far?

The example: this all interests you (you email me telling me your story). For this exercise “the story” your an adult female. You would like a glamour portrait. However your husband would like a nude painting.. and your not comfortable with that but don’t want to hurt his feelings what do I do? His budget, will spend up to $500.

First we would come up with an agreement on content. That you like, to hopefully make you both happy! This has alot to do with body type on the pose.

Looking at his budget I would likely suggest an 11x14in canvas.

Giving him an (implied nude) figurative work. But focusing on the face. One I did a few years back.. it’s implied topless with a glamour playful face appeal to it. At a price of $430.. (note a 30% payment up front). And so on until we come up with something that works all the way around.

Example: of implied nude or topless

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