Commissioning Artist

There is nothing more wonderful then a commissioned painting. A Portrait of a child; a loved one; someone famous; perhaps a self-creation.. be it a portrait to perhaps something Figurative: conservative, sensual to the erotic. It’s all self affirming, empowering and defining!

Below a few examples of each of these:

Child Portraits:

Adult Portraits:

A Loving Gift:

Some common questions

  • Why do people Commission the Artist
  • New Client
  • Arrangements (Discounts)
  • Work in trade
  • What it all cost
  • Testimonials

Why do people Commission the Artist

Work in Trade
Private Collection

Art is what defines us as a culture. It maintains our connection with humanity. It’s self affirming and a record of our existence.

Not to miss the point, it’s also an investment opportunity.

New Client

New Client – you are interested and would like a work done! What size do you get and how much is going to cost you. To answer the sizing and cost. “Click on the Big Button” at the end of the page!

Arrangements (Discounts)

Self Promotion – on occasion I do have to promote my work. So when I see a compassionate image of a child (example a young girl reading a book on a sunny day while sitting in a tree). I might make the parents a unique offer. On the other side of this would be an adult with a story, perhaps not having the means to take advantage of a work of art.

Work in trade

I often consider work in trade. Allowing opportunity for a “Possibility Client” to accomplish goals; Novice Models or “Professional Models” to help in there as well as my – self promotion.

  • Possibility Client –
  • Novice Model –
  • Professional Model –
  • Professional Local Trades People
    • Carpenters
    • Electricians
    • Automotive Mechanics
    • Plumbers

What’s it all cost

In a word “size” and another word “arrangement”. For Base pricing “click on” the Big Button – just below!


What are people saying? “Click on” the Big Button –  just below!

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