Artist Joe Godin

A selection of works for your viewing consideration.

Below you will find a mix of Subjects I paint.

  • Portraits Adult and Child
  • Adult Figurative works. From the Conservative to Boudoir and beyond.

Commissions, this is when I paint for you and what you want!

‘I think a great portrait has to do with the way it is approached … it is to do with the feeling of individuality, and the intensity of the regard and the focus on the specific’.

British artist. Lucian Freud

Reasons why you would consider a figurative work:

Boudoir paintings

  • To celebrate you
  • It makes a great gift for your partner
  • To make you feel empowered
  • Because you only live once. 
  • An excuse to go lingerie shopping

The naked truth about nude art modeling

Modeling for fine art is challenging and personally rewarding work that requires professionalism, confidence, creativity, and a willingness to be vulnerable in a studio setting.

My job here is to make “you look good” and happy.

Check out the pricing!


“The Bride”
Private Collection
12x24in oil on stretched canvas

‘Island Girl”
8x10in oil on panel

“The Butcher’s Wife”
Private Collection
11x14in oil on stretched canvas

“A Little Scrabble”
Private Collection
12x16in oil on stretched canvas
12x16in oil on stretched canvas


Dependent on size. From the discreet to the gallery size. Usually 12x16in for Portraits; 14×18in works best for Figurative. Two people 16x20in a strong consideration.

To explain this table
  • 1st column size
  • 2nd direct from artist pricing
  • 3rd what you would pay at show exhibition or gallery

Questions welcome. Please do not send me (the artist) any photos until we have reached an agreement.

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