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Title: “Girl with the red hair” portraitn in oil 12x16in
artist Godin

The Artists Statement

(Think of the Artist Statement as the artist communicating to the viewer about the art, in the artist’s absence.)

I’d just seen a show (early 1960’s) sort of a life and times of Michelangelo. My wow moment! What seems days later.. My Uncle, clearing a residence for demolition. Came across some oil paint and gifted them to me. Soon after my mother sliced up a cotton bed sheet and my father fabricated a stretcher. The meager beginnings.

Some years later looking back on why I paint even more so “the now” of it! Its me and a lifes passion. As well a joy with the technical side of art.

The why I am focused on the human figure.. often a question. Thats about society’s evolution and elegance of human design. Simply put, painting windows to the sole and inner bueaty.

Two examples that you have just seen. The “Conversation Between Artists” was actually just that over coffee. A wonderful moment where we conversed over the ups and downs sides as well as moral responsibility of art. A passionate artist, who then obliged me. The second example, “Ruby in Studio” was as well a gift. After running through various poses and costumes. I was drawn to her eyes, again a moment a passionate heart revealed itself.

In closing if you can see virtue in the art buy the art!

Or wait it out and who knows perhaps in the years to come.. I’ll be splashing cans of paint on large canvases with a theme of chickens crossing roads.


(The Biography is the formal version of the artists career. From birth to training and technicque employed.)


A self taught and proclaimed Artist.

A Portraiture and Figurative oil painter with 50+ years of experience and travelled stories.

His latest work allows for visually key elements of form and composition. While attempting to balance it with cultural and the preconception of social taboos.

Godin’s currently employs the technique manifesting as a “Wet on Dry” layered approach to painting drawing from the Flemish style (300 years ago) to todays push toward Contempary Realism.

Well read and traveled for subject. Spending time with street Artisans in Europe, Middle East and China. As well as Academic Artists and Print Makers from across North America.


  • Federation of Canadian Artists
  • Victoria Arts Council
  • Sooke Arts Council

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