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Extended Introduction

But first a discussion!

The Layered Process – Wet on Dry

Meaning each layer has to dry before going on to the next!


Starting with a sketch or photograph as reference. Then transfered to canvas (By various means).

The Sketch!
monochromatic (underlayer)
  • Layer 1 image transfered to canvas and inking (the cartooning)
  • Layer 2 tinting the canvas (often misrepresented as toning the canvas)
  • Layer 3 monochromatic (underlayer)
  • Layer 4 color (underlayer)
  • Layer 5 color
  • Layer 6 glazing
  • Layer 7 Details and Scrumping

By definition (glossary):

tint is where an artist adds a color to white to create a lighter version of the color.

shade is where an artist adds black to a color to darken it down.

tone is where an artist adds grey to a color.

Monochromatic, This means that the artist uses tints, shades and tones of a single color.

And finally the completed work!

“Intensity of Icecream”
by Joe Godin (the grandfather)


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