Paint For Me

(Child’s Portrait) A Beginning

Why Commission a painting?

  • Romanticism
  • Time Capsule
  • Investment Property
  • A Luxury
  • Part of my life story
  • Contribution to the Arts and Culture

Yes, there’s alot of reasons to and little real arguements not to!

What I’ll need?

Find a talented artist. That can create for me; not judge; do what I want and has my best interests at heart ~ I found one.

What the Artist needs from me?

Historically time for a number of sittings. Today a clear photo of the subject (more on this a little later).

What’s it going to cost me?

Note from artist: The Artists works can cost $0 to $$$$. This depends on a number of reasons. As well as Client Patron or Model supplys crisp non professional photo to artist.

Today (Oct 2020) Commissions: this Artist’s base pricing is calculated by so many things… size and time.

  • 11x14in x 22hrs CA$ 321
  • 12x16in x 27hrs CA$ 400
  • 14x18in x 36hrs CA$ 576
  • 16x20in x 46hrs CA$ 667

Now we have to look at variations (example: child portrait/s 11x14in)

  • Is it a promo work
  • A charity work
  • Artist cannot post completed work to social media sites or this site
  • Artist can post completed work (but leave off model’s name) to social media sites or this site
  • Patron applying work in trade (as a model or other)
  • One head in painting
  • Two heads in painting…
  • Two children a painting each
  • Did you already buy a painting or paintings from this artist?

The best option is deciding what you want, then contact artist with a clear photo as an attachment for a quote.