Paint For Me

“Intensity of Icecream”
by Joe Godin

I commissioned myself (my grandson, I can do that). During at a very early age on a birthday! There was cake and in my family usually ice cream. His first experience while still working on his spoon technicque. This was a life moment as an explosion to the taste senses!

Why Commission a painting?

  • Romanticism ~ Boudoir
  • Time Capsules (frozen in time)
  • Investment Property
  • Create Luxury Items
  • Mark moments of your life storys
  • Contribute to the Arts and Culture

Yes, there’s alot of reasons to and little real arguements not to!

What I’ll need?

Find a talented artist. (Got One!)

That can create for you; not judge; do what I want and has your best interests at heart .

What the Artist needs from you?

As simple as a clear photo of the subject.

What’s it going to cost me?

That is based on promotional adds and/or a number of other points.

  • Is it a promo work
  • A charity work
  • Artist can or can not post completed work (to site or social media sites) for self promotion
  • Client applying work in trade (as a model)
  • How many heads in painting
  • Did you already buy a print or painting from artist

The best option is deciding what you want, then contact artist with a clear photo or 6 of subject as an attachment for a quote. Keep in mind dependent on content legal age very important!