Featured work: Nude Island Model

Works by Canadian Artist Joe Godin

A Portrait and Figurative Artist Painter with 50+ years of experience and traveled stories.

Self taught and self proclaimed Artist . Currently based Western Canada on Vancouver Island

His latest works allows for contemporary visual key elements of form and composition. While balancing it with cultural and social ideology.

Joe’s currently employing the technicque manifesting as a wet on dry layered approach to painting. Drawing from the Flemish Technique pushing toward Contemporary Realism.

Well read and traveled on the subject. Spending time with the street artisans in Europe, Middle East and China. As well Academic Artists and Print Makers across North America.

Some noteworthy moments:

  • JUST IN! This Artist.. made it into this year’s 2022 Sooke Art Show – A Premier Event! Competition with 3k artists and 15000+ works of art (again and lucky me).
  • Client, former “World Bank President”. Commissions a work of his wife.
  • Canadian Business Mogul’s, Wife has added this Artist works in her private collection.
  • A number of exhibitions and shows of late Internationally:
    • London Eng
    • Seattle USA..
    • Sooke 2022, 21, 20, 19, 18…


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