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Works by Canadian Artist Joe Godin

The technicque artist employs a “wet on dry” approach.. as popularized in the Baroque time period.

The previous example is to help understand what’s involved how long a time frame, it takes to complete a work; additionally a “painting is a likeness.. idealized”.

“An artist tries to work toward exhibiting mastery. A passion for painting while exploring the bueaty in this case what’s found in the human form with a play of light and shadow.
When we look into a mirror we have a photo image, a record.
When we look at a painting we see what others see in us – the art”

Joe Godin (artist), 1970

What people are saying!

It’s been wonderful working with Joe. I absolutely love what he’s done with my paintings!

Brielle Kranabetter ~ Model & Client

I was so pleased to work with Joe on a number of projects. He always has such great ideas, and gives great direction in what pose/costume/props he is looking for. The paintings are amazing, and I really appreciated seeing progress photos of his work. A joy to work with, would highly recommend

WhatifweFlu ~ Model

I was honored Joe asked me to be a model. His work is so proactive yet artistic and mind entrancing. His paintings tell a story. His use of angles and light is so flattering to his models. He really has an eye for his models best assets. My painting from Joe ended up beyond what […]

Crystal ~ Model & Client


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