Model Projects

For great art theres creative people behind the art. That have the soul to create and the spirit to collaborate with the Artists to create elegant stories and images!

Painting by Joe Godin titled “Smoking Gun”

This to illustrate my point, the example above!

Project – “pirate look that of a gilted lover” (cat. Adventure Sensual) – status closed


Project – “iconic movie tribute” (category) status open:

  • Last Tango in Paris NEW


Project – “girl with cap” (cat. Fun figurative) status closedunderway link

Project – “girl eating grapes” (cat. Classic Sensual) – status closed


Project – “a little dangerous’ (cat. Implied erotic) – closed


Have an interest in art and modeling? Perhaps other furture projects click the link below, include a photo of yourself or if your part of the model mayhem org, a mayhem#. Thank you for your interest!


Creating art today!