Newsletter ~ Edition 2023/02

Year of The Rabbit

Joe’s Model Pic of The Month and Possible The Next Figurative Work –  Presenting: “Lady X”

“An artist tries to work toward exhibiting mastery. A passion for painting while exploring the bueaty in this case what’s found in the human form with a play of light and shadow.
When we look into a mirror we have a photo image, a record.
When we look at a painting we see what others see in us – the art”

Joe Godin (artist), The year 1972.

Blast From The Past

My version of “Boy With Bacon”
(Incomplete and somehow lost the historical source reference to the Original Artist)

The Year 1971, I had been primarily a landscape painter. I feeling a little defeated.. I had just won a provincial art award for best in show, Adult division. Only to have my title stripped publicly as it was discorved I was not 16+ plus age, hence did not qualify for the competition. My family was embarrassed.

Mentally had to regroup. So a couple of years later after being excepted into three schools of art (another story). The years of motel rooms filled with melted cheeze. I looked away from the modern academic views of where the world was going. Pushing myself into a world of questions.. settling into the Renaissance and Figurative painting.

So I’d like to share with the members of my Newsletter my First attempt at transforming into Figurative works.

Introduction to The Models

Lady X ~ Art Model/Muse, Author & Photographer

Model’s @Copyright 2023

Paola Gastmeier ~ Fashion & Art Model/Muse

Model’s @Copyright 2023

Brie ~ 3rd Generation Art Model

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