“The Renaissance comes from the French word for rebirth. typically refers to a period in European history approximately between 1400 and 1600. Many historians assert that it started earlier or ended later, depending on the country.”

What I do.. I paint in layers. A wet on dry approach. Where each layer has to dry before the next is applied. A breakdown of this follows.

  • The subject it transferred to canvas (graphite or charcoal).
  • Dependent on the sketch the lines may be inked in with a traditional lacquer ink.
  • The canvas is then toned to to adjust the brightness of the white canvas priming. Usually a middle tone.
  • A timely monochrome layer is applied. Usually a raw umber and white as it seems to have a better drying time then all else. With as much detail as you would have in the final work.
  • (The coloring begins)
  • First color layer usually I apply a thin, starting with the shadows color adjustment.
  • Second color layer as I move into the light of the subject. This would be my building up of the figure. All efforts focused on the initial base skin tone and continue to appreciate the light source how it continues to transform the skin. Lastly and this would only apply to perhaps Jewelery or Brass buttons. Texturing surfaces.
  • Glazing again after a dry.. to adjust color or a refraction of light.
  • Scrumping, Details and Sign

Examples follow:

Sketch book – deciding on a pose that is both interesting and complements the model

Monochrome Layer (underway)

First Color Layer – with the monochrome underlayer complete and dry. I start with the Shadows. In this case a glazed layer of blue.

History continued..