Celebrating the design of the human form. With women of confidence and grace.

A few words about me, the artist and this website.

About Artist

I’ve been painting for 50+ years. Excepted into three schools by the time I was 16. From the 1960s cartoons,mid 70s started to focus, more on portraits. Then evolving toward cultural figurative work. (Example follows..)

Afternoon Tea
Model: Lacy Harris
Artist: Joe Godin (1970’s)
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In The Gallery

Self Expression”
Model: Marie Yola MacRae
Oil 14×18
Artist: Joe Godin
Available in ]Gallery]

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Figurative Expression
Model: Paola Gastmeier
Artist: Joe Godin
Private Collection

About This Site

(It seems I’ve always been an artist)

This website was created as an art site. To introduce you to my work: [Portfolio] – and what I’m  doing [Gallery] – as well as what’s available for purchase.


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