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About my art:

I paint in layers. What this means I paint and each layer must dry before I continue to the next. The layers:

  • The sketch this can be graphite to charcoal.
  • The inking ot the drawing, sometimes called cartooning.
  • Then the toning of the canvas.
  • Next the “dead layer” (a monochrome effect).
  • First color layer.
  • Second color.
  • The details; scrumping and the like. Finally rhe signing of the canvas.
  • A big dry period: a coat or two of picture varnish!

The following is what I’m painting for clients (with there permission) or inventory (shows or exhibitions).

For the next year or so.. I’m going to reflections on sensuality and perhaps the erotic.

~ Model in Repose ~
[First color layer]
oil on canvas
For Inventory

As a client.. All conversations and source materials and your identity are strictly confidential!

So whats on your mind, let’s email chat? There’s a contact option in the menu bar at the top and bottom of the page!

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