Commission (part 1 of 3)

Patrons are people that have modeled or commissioned works!

and here a few lovely people that have done just that. I applauded you!

What I do for clients:

  • Child Portraits
  • Adult Portraits
  • Adult Figurative
    • Formal
    • Bride
    • Boudoir
  • Adult Figurative Artsy
    • Implied Nude
    • Art Nude
    • Couples

To see examples of what I can.. “will” do for you! Visit my Portfolio.

Why people have Commissioned Art Work?

To start, it’s a luxury concept as well as an investment opportunity… and

“Time”.. Capturing time, bring cherished moments back to life. Be that of a child playing with a new to a Bride’s Wedding Day to expressions of Bueaty, Glamour, Boudoir.. A celebration our human existence.

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