Looking for something more?

I paint people.. icons; child portraits; adult portraits; and figurative works.

I paint of late, from clear reference photos. For commissioned works the photos can be client supplied or if local, my preference. I would take the photos. More about this later.

Following this text, examples of (my work) for clarification.

Child Portrait
Adult Portrait
Adult Figurative – from uniform to casual, artsy, boudoir, implied (nudish) or dramitic, expressive, and beyond. So yes for clients I paint hude to erotic.

It’s all just a matter of taste and sole of the model. What you want or have in mind – menu option “contact” to toss ideas around.





What’s it cost? There is a number of packages I offer. From “Promo or Charity” to work in trade.. to fair pricing and payment plans.

What size? My common recommendations..

  • 11x14in for a child portrait
  • 12x16in for an adult portrait and
  • 14×18 or 16x20in for figurative works
  • 20×24in and larger works additional materials cost and shipping charges would apply.

What do I do with the photos when done? When the work arrives at the clients door and the client is satisfied. All sourse materials destroyed.

Am I willing to paint requests? This request is not uncommon.. if you have something in mind and its legal.. I’m sure I can bring models into play.


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